The Night of Fury

It was night. The station was empty. She was sitting at the platform, waiting for the last bus to arrive. Light wind caressed her hair, easing the hot summer darkness. She moved her fingers across the ticket, given to her by a hand and a bottom of a chin, peeking under the tinted glass of the desk window. Her transportation was supposed to show up in ten minutes. Still, she felt as if she wouldn’t mind waiting there for all eternity. At least it was quiet.
A few moments later, she noticed a fog under the bench she was sitting on, seemingly coming out of nowhere, as if the concrete platform itself was fuming. In the corner of her eye, to her left, she could see a figure approaching her. The person placed themselves next to her, sighing loudly to announce their presence.

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Reasons Why

This is going to be a bit of a rant. It’s been on my mind for a while, and now I think I’ve finally found the words of it. However, I cannot say what follows has a perfect essay structure. To be honest, it’s just going to be me spilling my thoughts and emotions on a virtual piece of paper, published in an online space which sometimes feels like clouds, puffed into the sky to stay there as long as we find them interesting. Continue reading “Reasons Why”



Strangely enough, this old friend of mine, who kindly taught me how to type back in the day, brings out so much from me. Maybe it’s the vintage vibe, or nostalgia, or who knows what. But, as a writer, somehow, my thoughts don’t feel like they’re at home anywhere else, the ideas don’t breathe as easily, but in front of this chest of inspiration.

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Contributing Writer at Syllble

Hello, everyone, here I am with another announcement. As of recently, I have joined Syllble, an online writing community which seeks to change the world through stories. Hopefully, my contribution on that journey will be appreciated. As a collaborative writer, I post my writing once a month, and members and others are welcomed to like and share their opinions about it.

It’s a really interesting concept, and one that I’m excited to be a part of. You can check out the Syllble website and my author’s page via links below. Keep the ink fresh!

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