Food for Writing – High Fantasy


To prepare for writing of high fantasy, you need to have a full table meal. The lore of yore demands it so. And, it should be something that will make you reminisce of old days with each bite. Everything is in the service of that special, nostalgic kick, and of course, the ever-present magic of the world you’re about to build on your paper. This is why the dish consists of several parts, which includes meat, potatoes, and of course, cabbage salad. Sure, this particular recipe is not for vegetarians, but if you want to make a meatless version, just uses whichever substitute you like.

From my experience, this dish will make you satisfied, but it will also leave desire for more, it will open up your appetite, which is great for adventures in the vastness of the realm. You need energy for taming dragons, for charging into battles or taking on journeys for glorious victories over the forces of darkness, and this is a great option for something like that. High fantasy is a texture heavy and rich genre, therefore, it needs to be complemented with a dish of similar qualities.

The recipe for high fantasy pork chop with mashed potato and cabbage salad


1 pork chop (with bone);

4 medium size potatoes;

1 smaller cabbage;

1 cup of milk;

1 regular spoon of sour cream;

1 coffee spoon of butter;

1 small onion;

2 cloves of garlic;

Pinch of salt;

Pinch of pepper;




Lard (optional).

Preparation for the pork chop:

Put a frying pan on one of your stove hobs. Fill it with approximately one regular spoon of lard, depending on the size of the pork chop. Heat up the lard in your frying pan. If you don’t use lard, regular oil does just fine. Once it’s heated, put your pork chop in there and broil until the meat changes colours from raw red to soft pink, with some brown on the top. In the meantime, put a braiser pan on the other hob and again, fill it with lard or oil. Once the lard melts, cut the onion into cubes and drop it in the melted lard, then add a pinch of pepper powder. Add some water and stir occasionally until the onion dissolves into lard and water, but don’t allow it to caramelize entirely.

Once you’re done with broiling the pork chop, take it from the frying pan and put it in the braiser before the water evaporates. Add the garlic cloves, either cut them into tiny pieces or zest them, it’s for flavour anyway, so see what works for you best. Cook the meat until it gets a golden and copper colour. Remove the braiser from the hob and leave the pork chop inside, to let it simmer in the juices while you prepare mashed potatoes.

Preparation for the mashed potato:

Cook four potatoes and crush them together in a bowl. Add milk and then crush some more. Then, add sour cream and continue with mashing. Finally, add some salt and butter and then use a mixer to fully join everything together, until it ends up being a smooth, homogenous mass. Allow it to cool down, as you turn to making salad.

Preparation for the cabbage salad:

Cut the cabbage, julienne style. Put it in a bowl, then pour oil and vinegar over it, and add salt for further seasoning. Add water to counter the sourness and power of vinegar, then spill the extra liquid. Let the salad sit for about 15 minutes, so that the cabbage softens a bit.

Serve the pork chop, mashed potato and cabbage salad on a plate and embark on a magnificent quest.


Eat the dish while it’s hot. The warmth will make you think of home and how much you want to return to it, after you’re done fighting ghouls in the caves under the cold mountains.

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