Food for Writing – High Fantasy


To prepare for writing of high fantasy, you need to have a full table meal. The lore of yore demands it so. And, it should be something that will make you reminisce of old days with each bite. Everything is in the service of that special, nostalgic kick, and of course, the ever-present magic of the world you’re about to build on your paper. This is why the dish consists of several parts, which includes meat, potatoes, and of course, cabbage salad. Sure, this particular recipe is not for vegetarians, but if you want to make a meatless version, just uses whichever substitute you like.

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Food for Writing – Poetry


Although I don’t personally have so many ventures into this branch, at least not successful ones, poetry is an important part of literary nutrition. Whether you write it or read it, you need it. Poetry deserves a salad. It’s a dish that’s light as a breeze, bursting crunchy under your teeth as a sudden realization of mortality in the middle of a hot summer day by the pool, and healthy for your artistic palate as all the freshness it brings in a bowl. Poetry is all about letting the introspection to take over, so having a gentle, majorly vegetable dish will be great for inspiration. Continue reading “Food for Writing – Poetry”

The Night of Fury

It was night. The station was empty. She was sitting at the platform, waiting for the last bus to arrive. Light wind caressed her hair, easing the hot summer darkness. She moved her fingers across the ticket, given to her by a hand and a bottom of a chin, peeking under the tinted glass of the desk window. Her transportation was supposed to show up in ten minutes. Still, she felt as if she wouldn’t mind waiting there for all eternity. At least it was quiet.
A few moments later, she noticed a fog under the bench she was sitting on, seemingly coming out of nowhere, as if the concrete platform itself was fuming. In the corner of her eye, to her left, she could see a figure approaching her. The person placed themselves next to her, sighing loudly to announce their presence.

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